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England's Medieval Festival Herstmonceux Castle
August Bank Holiday Weekend 2022
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Regurgative ping pong ball trick
Peat in Kid's Kingdom
Peat in the grand parade

Devilstick Peat: how to fool everyone

Jesters might have looked like fools... but they held a rare position in the aristocratic courts and households, being able to criticise and mock their masters in the name of entertainment... and get away with it, unlike others. Look at the fool in Shakespeare's King Lear. In fact, it was not uncommon for a 'fool' to possess the sharpest wits and talents at court.

And that's probably true for Devilstick Peat today.

You could call him one of the biggest fools in the business.... and Devilstick Peat wouldn't be offended. Because that's just what he is... one of the best and most experienced professional fools in the business. And for the second successful season, he's back entertaining everyone at England's Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle.

As a professional juggler, Peat taught with Kent Circus School and has performed at countless venues in over 15 countries around the world. These include Glastonbury Festival; British and European Juggling Conventions; the wedding of two Hindi gods in Madhya Pradesh, India; as well as assisting with a UNICEF project in Albania. He has also worked with Children's World International in Kosovo and Northern Ireland.

Peat has just returned from spending the winter in Iraq with a programme called Circus to Iraq. He has done an amazing job with young children who have been traumatised by years of war and oppression.

So..... do we see the famous trick with the regurgative ping pong ball again this year?

If you want to read his fascinating letters home and self-told story then watch this web site for Peats' Iraq Letters.

If you would like to support Peat and his friends as they head back to Iraq this September then you can do so by cheque or credit card through England's Medieval Festival where 100% of your donations will be passed on to Peat and Circus to Iraq.